BUS106-Consumer Behaviour Analysis

The purpose of this individual assignment is to develop your skills in understanding the consumer decision-making process and its importance to marketers. This will enable you to apply marketing theories and concepts to a ‘real world’ business situation. Choose a product that you are interested in buying, something that you have never bought before. Apply the BUS106 theories and concepts to identify and briefly explain your behaviour at each step of the consumer decision – making process. More specifically, you are to consider the
following points: 1. Identify and analyse your need and want that led to the purchase of the product. 2. Conduct an internal and external information search and identify sources used to make an informed decision to buy the selected product. 3. Construct Evoked Set, Inept, Inert and Avoided Set of alternatives and narrow down the attributes of the product that satisfies your need and want. 4. Identify and examine available purchase methods. 5. Identify potential post-purchase behaviour, and outline how a company that sells your selected product can minimise cognitive dissonance.