Implementing Open Addressing, is ready.


Develop an algorithm to search and remove data from a hash table using the open addressing technique.


Implement a hash table using open addressing with linear probing.


To solve this activity, you have to implement the following methods in the file:

    public void put(K key, V value) {
    private int searchPosition(K key) {
    public void remove(K key) {
    public Optional<V> get(K key) {

Steps for Completion

  1. Study the pseudocode shown in Snippet 3.3 and Snippet 3.4 (shown below) and implement them in Java.
  2. The container class OpenAddrPair will hold your key and value in the hash table.
  3. Have a flag on this container to indicate when an item is deleted.
  4. Use this flag in the put operation to overwrite it if it is deleted. You can use this flag to optimize your get method using the filter method.
insert(key, value, array)
    s = length(array)
    hashValue = hash(key, s)
    i = 0
    while (i < s and array[(hashValue + i) mod s] != null)
        i = i + l
    if (i < s) array[(hashValue + i) mod s] = (key, value)

Snippet 3.3: Psuedocode for inserting using linear probing

search(key, array)
    s = length(array)
    hashValue = hash(key, s)
    i = 0
    while (i < s and array[(hashValue + i) mod s] != null and array[(hashValue + i) mod s].key != key)
        i = i + 1
        keyValue = array[(hashValue + i) mod s]
        if (keyValue != null && keyValue.key == key) return keyValue.value
        else return null

Snippet 3.4: Solution pseudocode for searching using linear probing


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New OpenAddrHashTable objects are empty.


Implement the following methods in the OpenAddrHashTable class:

  1. put
  2. searchPosition
  3. get
  4. remove