200-250 words

  1. Sensation refers to an actual event; perception refers to how we interpret the event. What are some cultural differences that might affect responses to particular stimuli, particularly in taste and pain? Post your discussion using information from the Read more

Research Revision

Prompts: Submit your revised Section I, subsections A., B., and C. (each with an appropriate, applicable biblical principle) from Appendix D at the end of the syllabus (written in third person, past tense). AND Write 1-2 pages on the question: Read more

Infotech In Global Economy

gent Based Modeling can be used for introducing new technologies and for policy making and policy review.  Research and select an article (dated within the last 3 years) discussing the use of agent based modeling(ABM).  Using at least 300 words, Read more

week -2 dissc phy sec

Discuss the concepts of Physical Security as they relate to Access Control and Lighting. Instructions: I recommend your initial posting to be between 300-to-400 words. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Essay

In 750-1,000 words, do the following: Analyze the substantive differences between a vocational rehabilitation clinician and a standard mental health clinician, include treatment ideology for both. Describe ethical challenges to treatment that might be encountered by a vocational rehabilitation clinician Read more

week 2 Assing Phy Sec

Complete a Physical Security Assessment (internal and external) of your place of work or living area.  If you use your work area make sure you inform the Security Manager to get permission as to what you are doing. If you Read more

Human Resources

The job characteristics model has five components that enhance employee jobs – skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback. Give an example illustrating how each component can be used to improve the organization and the job of the Read more